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About the robot

About the project

The project was initiated by the lustrum-committee of the student society for Applied Physics. They wanted to organize a robot contest for high-school students. The original concept of the contest was that these students were given a basic robot on which they could build a robot arm with Lego and plug in all their sensors and motors. This basic robot should be able to remotely control these motors and send back the information of the sensors. Also it should be able to send back camera images and to move the arm over a rough surface.

Since they did not have enough knowledge of electronics and mechanics, they asked me if i could build a robot. After a first look on the specifications of the robot it was clear that i needed more people to finish this project, mainly for making the mechanical parts for the robot.

After a few weeks of thinking and making draft sketches of what the robot should look like, a first small and simple version of the robot was build to test if the concept was working and to see what needed to be fixed in the final version. This robot consisted of only 1 microcontroller, a RF-receiver, and 8 push-pull output-stages. It dit not have any sensors (except for the camera) and no arm attached. The mechanics were build with Lego. This robot worked very well. It proved that the computer controlled remote steering worked very well (even if the RF-link went down). It also proved that it was possible to control multiple robots with just one transmitter. Two of these robots were finaly build for a demonstration.

About the team

From left to right: Reinier Heeres, Jeroen Lebouille, Daniel Abrahams, Engeniy Kuznetsov

Daniel AbrahamsProject leader, design, electronics, software
Jeroen LebouilleMechanical design and work
Engeniy KuznetsovMechanical design and work
Reinier HeeresSupervisor from lustrum committee, sponsoring