ZoomAssist is a complete home-cinema automation application. It offers a true one-touch home-cinema experience. It automatically assembles a highly customizable playlist, opens the correct media files and execute tasks (like dimming the lights, setting up your A/V receiver, opening the screen curtains) fully synchronized to player events (play, stop, pause, aspect ratio change) or the currently playing item in the playlist. This allows you to pre-program a show, complete with commercials, randomly picked trailers and the main movie, just like in the big cinemas!

How does ZoomAssist work?

ZoomAssist can execute very simple user-editable macro files. These macro files contain very simple commands like LoadFile, LoadRandomFile, LoadDVD, and Execute. This makes it very extensible and flexible, although it doesn't offer any graphical setup. From the supplied macro files, a play list and a action list is generated.
Next, the generated play list is loaded in the mediaplayer (currently only ZoomPlayer is supported). While the player is playing, ZoomAssist keeps track of any events occuring or changes in the currently playing item. If an entry exists in the actionlist for a certain event or playlist item, the according commands in the actionlist are executed. This can be internal commands (such as enabling/disabling macros, player control), as well as external programs (to control dimmers, curtains, WinAmp).

Supported players

Currently, it is only working with ZoomPlayer, a very good media player under Microsoft Windows. In the future, I want to extend ZoomAssist to support other players as well.


Sorry, not available yet!