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As a programmer, I'm always trying to simplfy the usage of computers. Since I hate to type HTML, I try to type as least as possible and use some sort of macros for large blocks of HTML. I also wanted to split content and layout.

This can be solved by using a template. In this template, custom tags are defined. These tags can be used in the content, but normal HTML is also possible. It is even possible to 'override' already define HTML-tags by custom tags. A scipt reads a file where all the translation rules are defined and applies these rules to the selected page. The final result is a complete page in HTML.

A nice example is the links page on this site. The script translates this content to this page. All other things (the menu, the submenu, the layout) are also generated by a script. This script also generates some tags, which are also translated into HTML by the same template.

Since all pages are actively generated, I only have to write the content. All content is stored in 1 file. From this file, a page structure is constructed from which the menus are generated. The layout is stored in another single file.