Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Welcome on the scuba diving pages of my website.

I am PADI Open Water Diver certified since october 2004 and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certified since october 2005. So I'm only diving for about one year and I'm already completely addicted to diving. Fortunately, also a few good friends of me like scubadiving (maybe even more), so it's always easy to find a buddy. At least every 2 weeks we make 1 or 2 dives, somewhere in the Netherlands.

Underwater, everything is different. Diving means jumping into a completely other world, where none of the (arbitrary) rules learned above the water surface apply anymore. Seeing this world is really incredible. There is so much to see and explore. Sometimes the views are so extremely beautiful, that it really looks like a piece of art! It seems that I'm more and more captured by this world. I really hope there is something left of it to see for future generations.

Only recently I had the opportunity to try scubadiving. Since that time I'm pretty much addicted to scubadiving. It allows you to see those places that are otherwise hidden for you. Till now I enjoyed every single dive (although some dives were a little bit too short).

On these pages I'll try to explain what scubadiving is, how it is done, how to begin and give some information on the diving locations I have been.

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