Diving links

Dutch diving websites
Scubaqua Dive school in Delft
Wetdreams Dive school in Delft
Duikforum Dive forum
Duikkaart Drawings of many (all) Dutch diving spots
Stichting Anemoon Much information about species in Dutch waters

Dutch divers online
Herman Diving Site
Marcel Stubbe Online logbook including pictures
Jojodive Waspik Many pictures made on many diving sites
Ron Offermans Very high quality pictures of Dutch underwater life

International diving websites
Scubaboard Dive forum for recreational diving
Scubadiving Much information on scubadiving
The Deco Stop Dive forum for technical diving

Diving organisations
Divers Alert Network DAN
PADI PADI (recreational diving)
IANTD IANTD (technical diving)

DIR (Do-It-Right)
Frogkick Dutch site with good information on DIR

Technical diving
Startpagina Techisch Duiken Collection of links
Pim's Tekdiving Tekdiving site of Pim van der Horst
Tekdivingshop Tekdivingshop with very nice stuff

Diving materials
Bare Wetsuits
Mares Makes good fins
ScubaPro Scubapro
Uwatec Diving instruments
Suunto Diving instruments
Oceanic Oceanic
Dacor Dacor
Apeks High quality regulators