Audio DAC Control

Audio DAC Control

This controller is used to control a self-built High-end Audio DAC (using an existing design by Twisted Pear Audio). This control unit has the following features:
  • Select channel and switch mains power
  • Full control by both 2 rotary encoders AND remote control (RC5)
  • Display shows currently selected channel as text (8 characters)
  • Display must slowly fade to low intensity when not used
  • Easily extendable in the future

The controller consists of 3 seperate PCBs:
  • Main board (housing the Atmel AVR atmega8 microcontroller
  • Display board (8 alfa-numerical characters
  • Supply board (+12V standby supply + 230V mains relay to switch the power to the rest of the unit)

NOTE: The PCB layout in the documents below are a newer version than the PCBs shown in the pictures.
  • An error in the layout of the Main board is fixed
  • The Display board is reduced from 2 to 1 board

Schematics and PCB

Main board (schematic + PCB)
Display board (schematic + PCB)
Supply board (schematic + PCB)