Final robot

COMPLEX Final robot

The final version of the robot was a bigger version of this robot. It should have more push-pull outputs to support the motors for the arm, should be able to send back sensor information, have lights and have a tilt option for the camera. I wanted to build it as universal and modular as possible. Later in the project it proved to be a very wrong decission.

The downlink was again created with of-the-shelf 433 MHz modules. The uplink was created by using the unused audiochannel of the 2.4GHz transmitter through FSK. In the final version, 4 circuit boards were interconnected with ribbon cables. The circuit boards had the following functions:
  • Supply Board (fuses, regulators, voltage/current sensing)
  • I/O controller board (AD-conversion all 24 analog inputs and generating 16 PWM signals)
  • Driver Board (all 16 push-pull drivers for the motors)
  • Communication board (433 MHz receiver and decoder, FSK encoder)

Setup overview

Schematics and PCB

Power supply board (schematics only)
I/O board (schematics only)
Driver board (schematics only)
Uplink/downlink board (schematics only)

Some additional schematics are also available:

Camera servo board (schematics only)
Monitor board (for debugging) (schematics only)
FSK receiver board (schematics only)
Sensor amplifier board (schematics only)