Amplifier tips

New equipment

Don't buy a 5.1 receiver. Buy a 6.1 or 7.1 one instead

Have a close look at real cinemas: they use arrays of surround speakers to make sure the sound cannot be pinpointed anymore to a certain source anymore, but really surrounds you (just as it is expected to do in the first place!). An array is the best option (obviously), but this will be really expensive and for smaller home cinemas also quite unnescessary. Adding a 3rd or 4th rear speaker greatly improves the surrounding effect of the surround sound channel.


Mix the LFE channel to the 2 front speakers and use a crossover at the correct frequency

Most receivers already do this for you. The reason for this is that many movies include a LFE channel, but the usage of this channel differs, especially with movies that were originally published with matrix (3.1) surround or six-track magnetic (70mm) and upmixed on the DVD to 5.1. Therefore, instruct your receiver or HT-PC to mix the LFE channel to your 2 front speakers and then use a crossover afterwards. This is the only way to ensure an consistent LFE sound throughout your whole range of material.