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Loudspeaker tips

New equipment

Your centerspeaker is the most important speaker in your system

All the important sound information in the movie is reproduced by the centerspeaker (dialogue). Buy a descent one, not 'just one from upstairs'! Also make sure it matches (tone/timbre) the other speakers in your system, especially the other two front speakers.

Use dipoles as surround speakers

Just as for the previous section, dipoles are a substitute for the arrays used in real cinemas. They have a more diffuse, indirect radiation pattern and cannot be located that easy anymore.


The placement of your subwoofer is extremely critical

Don't beleive what those commercials try to tell you! Placing your subwoofer is really difficult and can be a nightmare. Since the wavelength of soundwaves produced by the subwoofer are large, a 'standing' wave pattern occurs in most rooms. At some places no bass can be heard at all, while at other places the bass is way too loud. The best location is in the middle of the wall where your screen is also fitted. This makes sure that the wavepattern is at least symmetric. On the middle of this symmetry axis, the amplitude is the most frequency independent.