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General Tips

Sound quality and power is MORE important than picture quality and size

Picture size and quality is not everything. If the sound is crap, you'll never enjoy the movie... how good the picture is.

Spend time in the design, colors and lighting of your movie room

Nice indirect lights, dark colors will certainly make it easier for you to concentrate on the movie. Don't put any bright colors or lights near the screen. Can anyone explain why those stupid Philips TV with backlights exist?

If you want a big screen, buy a projector

Prices of projectors drop rapidly. Most big LCD/Plasma screens are way more expensive than most 'home' beamers at the moment. For some reason, a projected image is more 'cinema-like' than an otherwise viewed image. Spend the rest of the money in good speakers, AV-equipment and your room. Projector lamps are VERY expensive, but you're only using your projector for movies anyway... (duh!).